Three Rules for Successful Mailing Campaign

At a Chamber of Commerce meeting in 2008 Charlie Bean, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, said he thought that the Credit Crunch would last about 9 months!

The run on Northern Rock took place the previous summer in September 2007. The Credit Crunch turned into a full blown double-dip recession and now, more than 5 years later, some of us have spotted the odd green shoot.

‘Careful!’ I hear you say. Economic growth is, in my view, about restoring business confidence and little to do with access to finance. Direct mail can help restore that confidence.

Direct Mail distinguishes itself from indirect mail. The latter is irresponsible and wasteful and associated with indiscriminate mailing by large companies.

Times have moved on for the better and direct mail which falls under the ‘marketing’ banner is now rather more sophisticated.

Three Rules for Successful Mailing Campaign

1. Focus and target your campaign to those who might be interested in buying your product or service.

2. It should be part of a broad package. TV, radio and newspaper advertising play their part but so too does networking, both face to face and social networking, such as Linked In and Twitter. Email marketing has become very popular because it is inexpensive, but be careful of too much or even too little.

3. Measure your results by adding a return address to your envelope so that you can keep your database updated and by having a code or specific telephone number to be used when responding to a mail shot.

Marketing is the key to moving forward. If your business disappears from view, your customers or potential customers may think you have disappeared completely.

NRG Direct Mail is celebrating 10 years in business this year and if you feel that mailing should become part of your armoury to help restore confidence in your business, then please call Kelly (there are two Kellys!) on 01743 454888 or request a callback via our online form.

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