NRG specialise in working with charities to maximise fundraising opportunities and manage VAT implications.

NRG have worked with a wide range of charities including hospices, animal charities and military charities.  The mailings often have a fundraising theme although newsletters are also popular by keeping the charities’ supporters informed of news and events.

We have designed a number of different appeal letters and are happy to advise on the contents of a mailshot in order to make it as effective as possible.  Raffle ticket books are a common feature and bumper draw/raffle mailers are a fantastic way to promote a charity’s cause, whilst being a great revenue stream.  The use of a freepost reply envelope also helps to gain a positive response, where a mailer has a call to action of returning information to the charity.  With the recent introduction of the ‘affix stamp here’ on the reply envelope, the charity can now make even greater savings. 

We work in conjunction with External Lottery Managers who manage and administer fundraising lotteries and raffles, thereby enabling us to offer you a one stop shop allowing all important responses to be handled in the best way that is right for the charity.  Other mailings include legacy and ‘In Memory of’ appeals, the ever popular Light Up A Life campaigns and also newsletter mailers.

Charities are eligible for special VAT concessions, often referred to as the Package Test.  We are familiar with all the complicated VAT notices and help charities interpret them to their best advantage.  If you have any queries with regards to VAT and how you can alter or adjust your mailings to take advantage of the available concessions, please do get in contact.

Direct mail continues to play a vital part in fundraising for charitable organisations and is an excellent way of communicating to young and old alike.

Please call Kelly or Pippa at NRG on 01743 454888 for further information.

Nick Chavasse                                                                                  February 2014