NRG Expand Mail Order Fulfilment Services saving customers time and money….

We have recently expanded our mail order fulfilment side of the business.  A management consultant found their office becoming snowed under with fabric after they had agreed to take over the dispatch of samples to their client’s customers. 

NRG came to the rescue and implemented a system for storing, cataloguing and dispatching samples on a daily basis.  Our production manager is experienced in devising systems which ensure efficiency is paramount.  Our client sends us a list of names and addresses, we process the data and print labels.  We monitor stock levels and provide reports so that our client always knows the current situation.   

At the same time a local marketing agency approached us about packing a bottle of water and a marketing flyer in to a box as a promotion.  We store the bottles of water and the boxes, pack them as required, print and apply labels and dispatch them on a daily basis.

We now have stocks of Shakespeare Comics, specialist fishing books, fabric samples and bottles of water.  We have the facility to process payments on behalf of clients, the space to store product and the expertise to provide a cost-effective system to dispatch items on behalf of our clients.

We also have the buying power to provide the best solution for postage/carriage.  Royal Mail has improved its packet services and with the growth of mail order dispatch has become very competitive in this field.  The benefits of using a direct mail house over joining the ‘Jiffy bag economy’ by taking a Jiffy bag to the post office are considerable.   As with most services, paying the ‘Stamp’ price at the local post office can be very expensive in comparison to using a fulfillment specialist like NRG Direct Mail, which has access to alternative postage providers.

Snowed under and paying too much postage, then talk to Kelly Young at NRG on 01743 454888.  We provide a service which allows our customers to get on with what they are supposed to be doing!