Mailing Basics – 1 – 2 – 3

Whether you are new to marketing your product or service or experienced, here is a tick list of important issues to consider.  Taking care to plan will improve your response rate from your campaign.

1.     Database

Who do you want to target?  Be clear about it.  It might be your current customers on your database and a list of prospects, names you might have collected.  Names might be on a collection of business cards or a card index system.  If you want to add to your list, consider purchasing an additional database list of likely prospects, focussing on your target market.


2.     Promotion


Now work out – what is your message?   It might be that you want to design an attractive promotion or put together a simple picture and some text.  Consider whether a letter, postcard or flier would be most suited to the job in hand.


Be concise and clear with your message so that the recipient knows what they are being offered.  Give an indication of price, quality and service they can expect.

Response Method

Make it easy to respond; sometimes referred to as a call to action.  Make sure there are some or all of the following: Telephone number, email, web address, reply card – perhaps an incentive too.  Why not offer a discount if responded to within a specified period?  Attribute a ‘code’ to the mailing and you can then measure its success and assess the return on your investment, ie the cost of the mailing.

3.     Postage

Save money on postage…….yes, you really can!  We send out second class mail for 29p per item.  This is much cheaper than using stamps and cheaper than using a franking machine, the costs of which are 31p but significantly more once you include the associated costs of renting a franking machine.  Massive savings are achievable for advertising material, heavier items and larger quantities.


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