Increased Marketing Activity in Your Sector? In 2014 New and Traditional Methods Work Best Together

We have seen an upsurge in marketing activity in recent months producing our best sales results in recent years.  So, why is this?

What does this mean?

Most of our work is handling other companies’ marketing and specifically their mailing requirements.  NRG covers a broad spectrum of mail including promotional material, publications, and work for charities.  There is often a direct correlation between consumer confidence and increased marketing activity.

 What’s going on?

The digital age has now found its feet and although it provides an inexpensive way of marketing, many of us are too busy to look at every email in our in-boxes.  Companies are now planning their marketing spend to include a twin-track approach which includes digital and traditional print.

Why use Mailings?

Mailing can be a very effective strand of a marketing strategy for the following reasons:

  • It is offline and a refreshing change from the storm of email broadcasts, linked tweets and webinars.  The very nature of a printed item has a more lasting effect than a transient email.
  • It is creative and as well as promoting a company’s logo, it can be combined with a product such as a calendar, mug or simply a bar of chocolate.
  • It is personal, focused and targeted.  Customers like to be loved and the personally addressed letter has proved to be more effective that the generic mail shot.  Past customers on your accounts package are also a good source for reviving lapsed customers.
  • Mailings are not a ‘fire and forget’ solution and the likelihood of converting a prospect is often increased by following up with a telephone call to ascertain their level of interest.
  • Mail is not the only solution, but used in conjunction with other media it is a powerful way of increasing sales.  We will find you the best deal on postage as you can benefit from NRG’s postage prices which are available to us through bulk purchase.

 If you want to know more, call Pippa or either of the 2 Kellys to discuss your plans. 

Nick Chavasse                                                                             January 2014
Managing Director