Fed Up With The Amount Of Unwanted Email In Your Inbox?

For business to prosper, selling is crucial.  There used to be a saying that ‘without sales you are dead!’  The difficulty, particularly in a down-turn, is to find effective ways to promote your product or service.

The internet has grown like Topsy and I wonder sometimes if one day it will grind to a halt!  Although this is unlikely, the advances in technology and with the enthusiasm of spammers the amount of unwanted email increases exponentially.  In recent months no amount of spam filters or Outlook rules have managed to prevent the onslaught of email in my inbox.

Mailing letters, postcards and brochures through the post has become increasingly less popular, mainly due to the substantial increase in postage costs last year.  The subject of postage prices and the introduction of competition in this sector is another subject on its own.  However, it is interesting to note that the postage prices in the UK do now compare with the rest of Europe.

Email will never replace brochures and catalogues and the arrival of these through the letterbox are often the catalyst to entice you to go on-line to complete the purchase.

Many of the banks and building societies have moved away from sending monthly statements and this is understandable as it is clearly cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use the internet to check your statement.

With the reduction in the number of letters landing through my letter-box, it does mean that most of the envelopes are opened and looked at, which is more than can be said of the emails in my inbox.  Sending a postcard, letter or flyer as the teaser could make all the difference to your response rates.

If you would like advice on ‘how to put a mailing together’ then do call/email Nick Chavasse on 01743 454888 or nick@nrgdirectmail.co.uk and I promise to check my spam filter to make sure your email does not inadvertently end up there!