Environmental Policy

Environmental issues are central to the activities of NRG Direct Mail Ltd, which is why we have been awarded ISO 14001 acceditation, making us one of the top mailing houses in the UK.

What does this mean for our clients? It means we can offer Royal Mail’s Sustainable Mail, which gives an extra discount on postage for our customers.

It also shows we are serious about environmental issues, particularly reducing waste, consumption of energy and above all efficiency. Ultimately this saves our customers money as well as saving resources.

For example, we can use biodegradeable polythene in polywrapped mailings.

Environmental Policy Statement

NRG Direct Mail Ltd regards environmental responsibility and performance as an integral part of the daily operation of the business. We are committed to achieving best practice throughout our business activities, wherever this is practical.

Our environmental responsibility programme is based upon continuous improvement, consistent with current knowledge and to comply with current government and EU legislation. We believe sound environmental practice is a key factor demonstrating effective corporate management. We seek to educate and train our staff to act in an environmentally responsible manner.

We subscribe to the Royal Mail’s Sustainable Mail programme, and as such aim to operate in accordance with PAS 2020. As this is dependent on our clients’ requirements, we raise client awareness of the benefits of enhanced environmental performance and adherence with PAS 2020.

Our aims

It is our aim to improve our environmental performance through

• The investigation of sustainable materials and technologies and where possible their incorporation into our products and services.

• Increasing the percentage of our work qualifying for the Sustainable Advertising Mail intermediate level.

You can find out more about ISO 14001 and what it means on the International Standards Organisation website.