Mailing List Services

The foundation of direct marketing is who you send your mailing to – in other words your mailing list.

Mailing list servicesWe can buy in mailing lists for your direct mail marketing campaign, work with a list you supply or use a combination of both.

Buying a mailing list can be a minefield but we can find the right list for you from the supplier who best suits your needs.

Our experience in the direct marketing business means we know what works and what data best suits your campaign – and will get you the best results and help you make more money.

It also means we can fine tune your list to make your mailing as efficient as possible and save you money.

We make sure your mailing gets to the right people: Those most likely to buy from you.

That means removing duplicate entries (no-one likes to get a mailing twice!), checking against post codes and the various registers of people who do not want to be sent direct mail.

Data and the law

We only use reputable suppliers and are registered under the Data Protection Act.

This is just an overview of how we can help you – contact us to find out more.

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