Direct Mail Services

At NRG Direct Mail we can produce your targeted direct mail campaigns with minimum waste, at a minimum cost and with maximum returns.

NRG Direct Mail's printing and packing area

NRG Direct Mail’s printing and packing area

We provide a one stop service for your mailings, helping you make money by reaching out to your current customers and bringing in new ones.

We can also save you money by saving you time and cutting your postage costs by up to half.

Every year, on average, we save our customers more than £275,000 in postage costs alone.

We can:

  • Design your mailshot
  • Print it
  • Provide mailing lists or clean yours up to reduce waste and expense
  • Advise you on how to make your mailing as effective as it can be
  • Save you money on your postage costs
  • Pack into envelopes or wrap in polythene

Our flexible approach means you can use as much or as little of our service as possible.

You can give us your material ready to print and post out, or you can use our full service of mailing lists and data sourcing and cleanup, to design and print and posting, or anywhere inbetween.

Speed is in the nature of our business: Short notice work is no problem, as we can often turn work around within 24 hours if necessary.

Print it, Pack it, Post it

Whether you have a single letter to send to your customers or you want to send different items to different people in a single mailshot we can help.

Our machinery packs into envelopes or wraps in polythene, inserting up to six items in one wrapper.

For more complex jobs we have a team of finishers who can sort your project by hand.

And, of course, we can advise you of the best way to do your mailing for the most effective results and the biggest postage discount.

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