Charity Case Study: Wirral St John’s Hospice

We provide a one stop shop for all of St Raphael’s Hospice’s mailing needs, including design, print, packing and posting and saving them time and money.

The project

Wirral Hospice St John’s provides Specialist Palliative Care and support for patients with severe and progressive disease, where curative treatment is no longer possible. The hospice relies heavily on donations and fund raising to keep going. Central to this fundraising is a serious of direct mail campaigns.

How NRG Direct Mail helps

By printing and packing the hospices’ fundraising mailers – we save the charity time and money. We provide a tailoredOval_Logo service and work with Wirral St John’s Lottery Manager.  Mailings can be varied, from magazines to raffle tickets, leaflets, personalised letters, donation forms, campaign material and reply envelopes.

What the client said:

The hospice recently ran their Super draw to celebrate the hospices 30th Anniversary, this was the first time an external mailing house was used to print and mail the 25,000 data base for the raffle.

Ian Jones Lottery Manager, said:

“Outsourcing the work to NRG was simple and straight forward, the attention to detail and customer care afforded by Kelly and Claire was excellent. Quite simply we couldn’t handle such a large project in house, the quality of work and advice we received ensured we could concentrate on selling our tickets rather than get tied down the administration. We also used Sterling Management to administer the responses and process the funds received. 

The result proved worthwhile, achieving 350 % of our income target.

In view of the excellent service we received and the competitive quotation from NRG, they have been awarded our Light up a Life mailing for the first time.”

Ian Jones – Lottery Manager